Veinte con nosotros

“20 years is nothing…” or maybe “yes”?

b vocal reveals this mystery in Twenty with us, their new double CD and anniversary tittle, presented at Zaragoza (Spain) in October 2015, with an impressive show where they present the history’s highlights of their artistic career. They have achieved that a cappella music made in Spain has a prominent place internationally.

Twenty with us is not only an innovative CD (better, innovative double CD), but a complete show that contains unforgettable moments of the history of b vocal, and also moments that the audiences have never seen, or baybe they have forgotten because they begin to the first years of the group, those crazy 90’s in which they presented for the fist time a new proposal, different and chancy. “A cappella music and humor in his purest”.

Minstrels, troubadours, divas, fun pop stars, rock or folk, all these characters and many more go across the stage in a masterful staging, creating a magical and hilarious show of voices and humor that will make the public "open-mouthed". And it’s that b vocal is not a musical group, it's a way of understanding life.

Consolidated today as one of the most important vocal groups in the world, with countless national and international tours behind them, in these 20 years b vocal has won international awards for his art, and a widespread recognition for his career. The latter distinction received in Spain was his designation as Favorite Sons of the City of Zaragoza, their native town.



Show tittle: Twenty with us

Group: b vocal

Performers: Alberto Marco, Femín Polo, Carlos Marco, Augusto González, Juan Luis García

Sound engineer: José Carlos Ondiviela

Lights engineer: Carlos Galindo

Web site:

Video links (youtube):




Show time: 95 min (aprox; no pause)

Recommended age: all ages.